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  • Chevy Bolt EV production to grow, GM to work for single set of fuel-economy rules: CEO Barra (3/9/2018) - General Motors CEO Mary Barra told energy conference attendees in Houston on Wednesday the automaker would increase production of its newest electric vehicle, push for a single fuel-economy standard nationwide, and support expanding tax credits for electrified vehicles. “The good news is that our generation has the ambition, the talent and the technology to create
  • Valentine’s Day Promos for Car Lovers (2/13/2018) - Four ways shop owners can create heartfelt and lucrative connections with new customers and the community. By Karen Appold This Marketing Magic series highlights ways to attract business with impactful promotions. Valentine’s Day and grubby auto repair shops may not sound like the perfect pairing. But from a business and community standpoint, they go together
  • Most Valuable Team Player: Tim Ritter (2/9/2018) - Our lead tech, who’s a proud father of six, makes our employees and customers feel like family. By Wendell Turner The Most Valuable Team Player series highlights personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty. Tim Ritter is a good people person. He cares about our employees and customers, as well as the
  • Michellin 3D Printed Tire Michelin’s 3D Printed VISION Tire (11/20/2017) - See Michelin’s innovative approach to tire design. The VISION wheel is made from biodegradable materials and can be manufactured by a 3D printer.
  • Fiat 500e automobile Electric Cars Are Some of the Fastest-moving Used Vehicles in the United States (11/20/2017) - Electrified autos sell quickest on the pre-owned market. Electric and plug-in rides dominate the top 10 fastest-moving used vehicles. Six of them boast some sort of electrification, and two of those are purely electric. According to iSeeCars, the quickest-selling one is the Fiat 500e with its EPA-estimated 87-mile range. Read the full story at
  • Distracted drivers are more likely to get in auto collisions Drivers Distracted by New Car Technology (11/2/2017) - “A study by AAA finds digital screens and advanced features built into many modern vehicles can be dangerous diversions for motorists. CBS News’ Meg Oliver reports.”
  • US Dollar Bills California Employers Can No Longer Ask About Previous Salaries (11/1/2017) - New legislation bars companies from inquiring about applicants’ former wages and benefits. Gov. Jerry Brown enacted the bill on Thursday, October 12, at a celebratory signing ceremony. It took place at Women’s Empowerment, a Sacramento nonprofit for homeless females. Brown was surrounded by members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. The measure is part of a faction-backed
  • The Professional Fleet Services crew shows off their new diesel tech uniforms How to Upgrade Repair Shop Uniforms (11/1/2017) - A crew's new uniforms not only lift spirits and increase business opportunities but also attract a lot of attention as a catwalk video goes viral. By Domenic Olmeda
  • Roundtable Discussion: What Have Been the Greatest Lessons You’ve Learned? (11/1/2017) - Industry leaders share their biggest business management takeaways. By Domenic Olmeda
  • Repair shop operators participate in a Thanksgiving turkey drive. The Ton of Turkeys Benefit Gobbles up Good Karma (11/1/2017) - Colorado operators set the table for a profitable Thanksgiving benefit. By Domenic Olmeda
  • A technician at Pine Aire Truck Service performs a diesel diagnostic. Engine Harness Horror Story: A Wicked Repair Stirs up a Witch’s Brew of Complications (10/24/2017) - Our flatbed fix-it gave us dead wrong diesel diagnostic codes, a hellish 130-mile road test and a shocking twist that no one saw coming. By Dave Bloom
  • Bob and Mitch Stout run their family business together. Like Father, Like Son: A Family Business Gears Up for Big Changes (10/6/2017) - Bob and Mitch Stout grow their automotive repair shop with a succession and renovation plan and possible expansion. By Domenic Olmeda
  • 3 Cause Marketing Ideas for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (9/28/2017) - Draw and retain customers by growing your community visibility with pink-powered publicity. By Robyn Emde
  • A photo of gas-powered vehicles in traffic. China Considers When to Remove Traditional Fuel Cars (9/13/2017) - Home to the world’s largest auto market, China debates pursuing a greener future for vehicles. China is mulling a ban on transportation that runs on fossil fuels, Xinhua news agency reported on September 11, 2017. In a move to clean up its notoriously bad air in Beijing and Shanghai and promote the development of “smart
  • A driver sits in Mercedes' self-driving car. Self-Driving Mercedes: Behind the Wheel (9/8/2017) - “Mercedes’ autonomous car technology at Consumer Electronics Show 2017!”
  • Increased traffic is one of many motivators for entrepreneurs to create flying cars. Who Needs Roads? Flying Car Technology Takes Off (9/8/2017) - “Spurred by advances and demand for transportation alternatives in increasingly congested cities, entrepreneurs around the globe are vying to become the first to develop a commercially viable airborne automobile.”
  • This self-driving security vehicle can deploy a drone to pursue suspects. Self-Driving Police Cars Being Deployed in Dubai (9/8/2017) - “OTSAW Digital has created an autonomous vehicle that patrols streets and can launch a surveillance drone. The machines will arrive in Dubai by the end of 2017. By 2030, the city wants robots to make up 25 percent of its security force.”
  • A comparison of electric and petrol powered cars. Electric Cars vs Petrol Cars (9/8/2017) - “Electric cars or internal combustion engine vehicles—which are better? Electric cars were in their heyday back in 1900, but a sudden rise in petrol-powered autos, accompanied by battery inefficiencies, killed electric vehicles by 1920. However, with recent improvements in battery technology and power electronics, the machines have made a strong comeback. We will compare these
  • Bosch showcases its new self-driving car technology EN | Bosch HMI and Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication for Highly Automated Driving (9/8/2017) - “How can an autonomous car interact with the driver and other rides? See what the upcoming relationship might look like. The key building block is a modern human machine interface (HMI). In the future, the HMI and the auto’s web connectivity will facilitate a new driving experience.”
  • Waymo's elf-driving vehicle hits the road. We Rode in Google’s Newest Self-Driving Car (9/8/2017) - “Waymo’s autonomous minivans — the Chrysler Pacifica — hit public roads for the first time in Mountain View, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. As a collaboration between Google and Fiat Chrysler, Google opens up about its new Waymo company and the history of its self-driving program. It also gives us a tour, a ride and never-before-seen
  • This alignment rack is one of Europro Autohaus' most valuable pieces of repair shop equipment. 4 Auto Repair Shop Equipment Investments That Pay Off (8/30/2017) - Stay competitive and increase car count with the latest money-making machinery. By Nick Winfrey
  • Flex Your Facebook Muscle: 3 Clever Giveaways Guaranteed to Reap Rewards (8/30/2017) - Create a winning culture with repair shop contests and raffles that attract new customers and strengthen your social media might. By Domenic Olmeda
  • Truck driving in a hurricane Surviving the Storms: Repair Shop Disaster Prevention Tips (8/30/2017) - The American Red Cross spotlights ways to protect your facility and crew from devastating natural and man-made catastrophes. By Domenic Olmeda
  • Why Surveys Boost Your Bottom Line Why Surveys Boost Your Bottom Line (8/30/2017) - Customer and employee surveys help build better relationships and work environments. By Cassie Paton and Domenic Olmeda