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  • Chevy Bolt EV production to grow, GM to work for single set of fuel-economy rules: CEO Barra (3/9/2018) - General Motors CEO Mary Barra told energy conference attendees in Houston on Wednesday the automaker would increase production of its newest electric vehicle, push for a single fuel-economy standard nationwide, and support expanding tax credits for electrified vehicles. “The good news is that our generation has the ambition, the talent and the technology to create
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Shifting Landscape of Contractual Liabilities Between OEMs, Tech Companies (1/26/2018) - Times are changing for the automotive industry. The introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is changing the players involved in the development of vehicles. With AVs, automakers have turned to technology companies to supply the software and platforms used to make a vehicle autonomous—allowing the vehicle to perform all aspects of driving tasks traditionally managed by
  • Auto interest rates on the rise for those with poor credit (1/12/2018) - Car salesmen call it “the payment walk,” when a customer wants a new vehicle but is walked instead to the used lot because they can’t qualify for a new-car loan.   Used car sales are already up, and new-car sales have ebbed, says Bill Perkins, owner of a Chevrolet dealership in Taylor, a suburb of
  • Management Success Teaches Shops to Attract Business Using Social Media (1/5/2018) - On Wednesday, Dec. 7, Management Success hosted a webinar titled, “How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Shop,” presented by Jim Saeli, Senior Consultant specializing in social media and digital marketing. Social media and a strong online presence can help shops with car count, customer retention, public relations, becoming a DRP and
  • Volvo to offer multiple electric cars, battery-size options, starting in 2020 (12/28/2017) - Volvo has confirmed its second electric car for the brand will be a version of the V40 compact hatchback. Much like the all-electric Volkswagen e-Golf version of the standard Golf, Volvo will roll out a conventional version of its V40 hatchback on the new compact platform, then follow it up with an all-electric model at
  • Fiat 500e automobile Electric Cars Are Some of the Fastest-moving Used Vehicles in the United States (11/20/2017) - Electrified autos sell quickest on the pre-owned market. Electric and plug-in rides dominate the top 10 fastest-moving used vehicles. Six of them boast some sort of electrification, and two of those are purely electric. According to iSeeCars, the quickest-selling one is the Fiat 500e with its EPA-estimated 87-mile range. Read the full story at
  • US Dollar Bills California Employers Can No Longer Ask About Previous Salaries (11/1/2017) - New legislation bars companies from inquiring about applicants’ former wages and benefits. Gov. Jerry Brown enacted the bill on Thursday, October 12, at a celebratory signing ceremony. It took place at Women’s Empowerment, a Sacramento nonprofit for homeless females. Brown was surrounded by members of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus. The measure is part of a faction-backed
  • A photo of gas-powered vehicles in traffic. China Considers When to Remove Traditional Fuel Cars (9/13/2017) - Home to the world’s largest auto market, China debates pursuing a greener future for vehicles. China is mulling a ban on transportation that runs on fossil fuels, Xinhua news agency reported on September 11, 2017. In a move to clean up its notoriously bad air in Beijing and Shanghai and promote the development of “smart