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Most Valuable Team Player: Tim Ritter


Our lead tech, who’s a proud father of six, makes our employees and customers feel like family.

By Wendell Turner

The Most Valuable Team Player series highlights personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Tim Ritter is a good people person. He cares about our employees and customers, as well as the success of our business. He has a high care factor, and he’s here because he wants to be — not because he just wants a job.


Turner’s Garage and Transmission in Sumter, South Carolina.


Lead Tech since 2013.

All-star lineup

Tim performs whatever we need him to do from oil changes to very complex projects. He doesn’t mind doing the little stuff versus the big jobs. He mostly spends his time fixing cars and overseeing the enforcement of policies and procedures. He likes to assist other techs and the service advisor with technical help as needed. He also supervises the maintenance and organization of the shop.

Slam dunk

He enjoys spending time with customers if they have a question and never hesitates to step up to the plate. One time, he performed an air-conditioning project on a Mercedes. The job was priced by the labor guide and parts manual, which incorrectly estimated how long it took to replace the evaporator. He was willing to do the work for the time it stated even though it would hurt his pay for the week.

In addition, because we employ several women at our shop, he makes sure that they’re not alone at closing time. This often means he has to stay later to guarantee their safety. We also do several car giveaways for people in need each year. Tim volunteers his time to do the necessary repairs to get the vehicles in operating condition.

Second wind

As our lead tech, it’s gratifying to know that Tim never gives up. He digs in until he gets things solved properly. He may become frustrated at the start, but he pushes forward until the issue gets handled.


If a mistake happens, he makes sure he does everything possible to correct it. Tim stayed late once to repair a Dodge Durango that needed a valve job. After he fixed it and put everything back together, it developed an oil leak from a seal that he replaced. He had to pull the engine out of the bottom of the car to repair it and finished up the job as quickly as he could.


Tim applied for an opening I had on Craigslist. He was a nice and humble guy, so I asked him some technical questions —and he passed the test. Other people know how to change parts, but they don’t understand how things work and how to diagnose problems.


His whole life revolves around his family. He has six children, two dogs and 56 acres of land. He likes to attend football games at the schools where his kids play. He also enjoys attending church and developing his property for future farming.


Tim is one of those rare people you meet who will bend over backward and give you the shirt off his back if needed. A facility is only as good as the people you have working for it. When you recruit an adaptable employee, who’s willing to do the things the way you want them done and eager to see why changes should be made to improve the location, the operation will not only survive but thrive and grow.

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